Finn Lasse Buessen

Hi, I am a computational physicist working on condensed matter systems. Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow associated with the group of Arun Paramekanti at the University of Toronto.

You can find me on LinkedIn, on Github, on Google Scholar, or in person at

Department of Physics

University of Toronto

60 St. George Street

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A7


Office: MP1023

Email: fbuessen (at)

About me

I am passionate about the development of elegant code which pushes the limits of modern computational physics, drawing on my strong background in software development and high-performance computing. I firmly believe that scientific software should outlive the context it has originally been created in and should be made available to the community for future use, thereby serving as a catalyst to accelerate research in a time where state-of-the-art computational algorithms can sometimes be intimidatingly complex to implement.

A successful publication of scientific code requires extra steps to be taken in order to ensure good usability and documentation — steps which I was happy to take in my SpinParser project [see also the associated publication arXiv:2109.13317] for highly efficient (pseudo-fermionic) functional renormalization group calculations in quantum magnetism, written in modern C++ and capable of leveraging high-performance computing platforms with thousands of compute cores. Similarly, I have developed a flexible Monte Carlo implementation, SpinMC.jl, in the Julia programming language, which has been applied in numerous research projects on classical frustrated magnetism.

On the application side, I am interested in the theory of strongly correlated systems, frustrated quantum magnetism, and the formation of quantum spin liquids.

Brief CV

since 10/2019
Postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto
Ph.D. at University of Cologne (working with Simon Trebst)
M.Sc. at University of Cologne



Jackson Pitts, Finn Lasse Buessen, Roderich Moessner, Simon Trebst, and Kirill Shtengel

Order by disorder in classical kagome antiferromagnets with chiral interactions


Emily Z. Zhang, Finn Lasse Buessen, and Yong Baek Kim

Dynamical Signatures of Rank-2 U(1) Spin Liquids


Finn Lasse Buessen

The SpinParser software for pseudofermion functional renormalization group calculations on quantum magnets


Finn Lasse Buessen and Yong Baek Kim

Functional renormalization group study of the Kitaev-Gamma model on the honeycomb lattice and emergent incommensurate magnetic correlations

Physical Review B 103, 184407 (2021)

Finn Lasse Buessen, Sopheak Sorn, Ivar Martin, and Arun Paramekanti

Nematic order driven by superconducting correlations

Annals of Physics (in press), 168494 (2021) [arXiv:2101.03174]

Nazim Boudjada, Finn Lasse Buessen, and Arun Paramekanti

Molecular dipoles in designer honeycomb lattices

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Finn Lasse Buessen

A Functional Renormalization Group Perspective on Quantum Spin Liquids in Three-Dimensional Frustrated Magnets

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cologne (2019)

Finn Lasse Buessen, Vincent Noculak, Simon Trebst, and Johannes Reuther

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Physical Review B 100, 125164 (2019)

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Finn Lasse Buessen and Simon Trebst

Competing magnetic orders and spin liquids in two- and three-dimensional kagome systems: Pseudo-fermion functional renormalization group perspective

Physical Review B 94, 235138 (2016)

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